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MEBBEL Wojciech Duda

Firmenprofil: Produktion
Firmenprofil: Importeur, Exporteur, Inlandsmarkt
Einstellungsgröße: 51 - 100
Umsatzhöhe: Euro 1.000.000 – 5.000.000
Gründungsjahr der Firma: 1994



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Our company was founded at the beginning of the 90’s in the city of Wrocław. Nearly twenty years of operation changed a small, several employee company into a modern furniture factory with almost a hundred employees. All our employees: designers, technologists, machine operators, carpenters, assemblymen and sales personnel are professionals in their field. Our technical base consists of a modern machine park, over 4000 square meter production-warehouse halls. We have our own shipping fleet. The unceasing development of MEBBEL made us a completely self-sufficient company.
We specialize in the production of office, store, exhibit, hotel, conference and specialized scientific research and operation (e.g. laboratory) furniture. Adaptation of each production series and every single piece of furniture to the needs of our clients is approached with a passion. The leading principle of our operation is individual and serious approach to each client. Quality, aesthetics, diligence, reliability, timeliness, available price and complete guarantee constitute our calling card. Many years of working with the best European furniture material suppliers as well as our capital and experience are a guarantee of the highest quality of our products and services.

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MEBBEL always commences its production process, that is designing and selecting appropriate technologies with listening carefully to each client’s suggestions. Next, we calculate precise measurements, which we use to create a computerized visualization of the furniture or an entire interior if such a need arises. Such spatial interior furnishing simulation is the imagination of technology. It helps us to mutually establish details with clients and, when needed to make any changes. We can create designs according to your guidelines or, as it frequently happens, according to our own ideas. Unconventional approach and the creation of new designs is our most enjoyable task. The uniqueness of the final products derives, among others, from our company specializing in combining diversified types of materials such as furniture panel, MDF, wood, steel, aluminum, glass, plastic, Plexiglas and others.
Our own technology specialists professionally turn virtual projects into real furniture, working out the completed finished product from the most minute details. They are masters of matching appropriate materials, and can create aesthetic and solid constructions, beautiful and durable.

Address data

Straße:Monopolowa 4e
Telefon: +48 071 3431611
Fax: +48 071 3481025




Name und Vorname: Gustaw Szepke
Telefon: +48 033 8527327
Handy: +48 668177825
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